Federal Funding Petition

On May 19th, ATU Canada launched its Federal Funding Campaign.

By showing their solidarity with the community, transit workers have put public transit on the federal agenda like never before. We are so close to winning historic national investments in public transit that will power our pandemic recovery.

In order to win we need thousands of transit workers to stand together and take action!

ATU Canada President John Di Nino says, "With unbreakable solidarity and the power of the community, transit workers will win!"

When transit workers speak with one voice, they win everytime!

Take action today by signing the petition to Finance Minister Bill Morneau from Canadian transit workers urging him to put public transit in the federal budget.

Sign the petition, stay updated and take action with Canadian transit workers!

Get Assistance

ATU COVID-19 Command and Response Hotlines Information

These hotlines serve as a place rank-and-file ATU members can get more information on the union’s response to COVID-19 and leave messages.  If you have questions about your employer’s policies or are seeking assistance to deal with your employer on COVID-19 issues, please contact your Local Union’s Business Agent. Any messages will be followed up on by an ATU organizer or representative as soon as possible.

The hotline number is: 855-641-7946
The email address is: [email protected]