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Probe Research surveyed the country to learn the views of the general public, including transit riders. The results provide a clear consensus – 78% of Canadians surveyed support the Federal Government providing $5 billion in emergency funding for public transit services. Also, an astounding 91% agree that governments have a responsibility to ensure people everywhere can access safe, reliable, and affordable public transit.
ATU Canada is responding to the recent announcement regarding the nation-wide shut down of Greyhound, stating that the Canadian government is responsible for the collapse of intercity buses in Canada, not the COVID-19 virus. Although the intercity bus service is a federally-regulated industry, the government has given the industry the cold shoulder during the pandemic. ATU Canada President, John Di Nino is calling out Liberals for their failure to act definitively to save the service.
TORONTO April 22, 2020—Canada’s largest transit union is demanding that the Trudeau government explain why the Trump administration is doing more for public transit than Canada. “Public transit is in crisis and the Trudeau government is watching it fall apart,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “The government is ignoring that transit systems are moving a million people a day. Many of them are front-line workers. It’s time Justin Trudeau explained to them why Donald Trump is supporting transit more than he is. They deserve better and transit workers who face danger every day deserve better.”

Since the Saskatchewan Transportation Company and Greyhound have shut down intercity transit service in Western Canada, access to mobility, freedom, community, family, health care, and other public services are at risk for millions of people across Canada.   Without adequate public transportation, the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls will only get worse.   Without rapid expansion of public transit, we cannot reduce our carbon emissions to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.   The private market has not and will not adequately replace these intercity transit services.    We need a public option.   We demand the establishment of a national public intercity transit service as part of a Green New Deal for social, economic and environmental justice and tangible reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  Pledge your support today! 

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This is a timeline of how bus drivers used their union power to take on health and safety deficiencies and WON!

April 8th: Bus drivers call in a complaint to the Ministry of Labour

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and take collective action for equality. The UN-recognized event was born of women organizing in the labour, socialist, and peace movements. ATU Canada recognizes the important strides made by ATU members to bring dignity to their working environment and fight for equality in their communities.

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