Escalating Violence on Transit and ATU's call for Immediate Action


Escalating Violence on Transit and the ATU's Call for Immediate Action

TORONTO, January 24, 2023 - Violence on public transit properties across Canada is on the rise and we continue to see an alarming increase of unprovoked attacks against transit workers and more recently attacks against riders.

While the Amalgamated Transit Union has repeatedly called for transit agencies and municipalities to implement greater security measures, we continue to see injuries and violence to transit workers and riders from coast to coast.

For years we have heard politicians and transit agencies condemning violent attacks on public transit, but they failed to take action. "How will they prevent future attacks? We need real action not just talk," said John Di Nino, President of ATU Canada.

"AT Canada is calling for immediate action with the implementation of a National Transit Task Force to deal with violence on transit properties across Canada. This call to action should be supported by all levels of government, transit agencies, and municipalities. ATU Canada is prepared to spearhead this initiative to bring forward concrete recommendations and policies to provide safe, reliable and affordable transit for all Canadians," concluded Di Nino.


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