TORONTO June 25, 2020—ATU Canada is calling out Transport Minister, Marc Garneau for failing to respond to the financial crisis faced by intercity transit companies. Canadian President John Di Nino is also calling out Greyhound Canada for an injustice to frontline workers – where they gave workers an ultimatum: either agree to a 15% wage reduction and give up their pension plan – or face a permanent shut down. 

“Threatening to terminate all employees during a pandemic is pure, unadulterated greed. Greyhound is using the pandemic as an excuse to dissolve its responsibility to its employees. Intercity transit workers should not be forced to pay for the effects of COVID-19 by giving up their wages or pensions,” said John Di Nino.  “If Marc Garneau’s plan is to allow intercity transit to completely vanish while multinational companies exploit and threaten transportation workers’ standards of living, then he is doing a magnificent job. Bravo, Marc,” continued Di Nino.

Intercity transit services provided by Greyhound, Coach Canada, and Mega Bus move many Canadians from rural parts of Canada to essential locations including work, universities, medical appointments, and other cities.

Di Nino adds: “Accepting cuts to wages and benefits would put all workers in Canada at risk of arbitrary and unjust attacks on our collective standard of living. The truth is that the parent company of Greyhound Canada, First Group, is trying to sell the company and stands to make more profit if they can coerce workers into pension rollbacks and wage cuts. If we accepted this for short-term relief, it sends a message to all companies across the transportation sector that they can threaten workers and terminate if they do not accept takeaways to boost company profits.”

The Amalgamated Transit Union is made up of 34,000 transit professionals in nine Canadian provinces. They represent vehicle operators, maintenance staff, paratransit operations, clerical staff, dispatchers, administrative professionals and workers in the over-the-road motor coach industry. The union was founded in 1892 and represents workers in Canada’s urban, suburban and rural communities. 


Media Contact:

John Di Nino
ATU Canada President
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