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OCTOBER 23, TORONTO, ON-- The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada (ATU) sees a huge window of opportunity with the newly elected Liberal Minority government. “The outcome of the 2019 Federal Election presents a great opportunity for transit professionals in the ATU to advance important national priorities,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “A Liberal Minority government means they have to work together with other parties on an issue-by-issue basis. In order to achieve the very best for the public transit community, we need to shift gears and build on our strengths through solidarity and political action.
Winnipeg, May 15, 2019 - On the one-hundred-year anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike

TORONTO, JUNE 4, 2019—The Getting Ontario Moving Act was passed in the Ontario legislature today and the President of the Amalgamated Transit Union says

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ATU Canada hosts a conference annually; the 2019 Conference was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in May. 

Thank you to the delegates in attendance, the Host Local ATU 1505, and the fantastic speakers, sponsors, and friends of labour and transit!

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