As the Canadian Federal Election looms, voters are juggling their list of personal priorities and weighing party platforms to decide how to vote.

The ATU Canada Inclusivity Survey ( is open to all members of ATU Canada, and participation is encouraged. All answers will be strictly confidential, unless otherwise discussed. Please spread widely in your unions.
The Federal Election cycle is officially on! This week, candidates representing three political parties touted their party's transit vision at the Federal Transportation Debate at the University of Toronto, hosted by Transport Future.
ATU Canada extends our congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the inaugural Marcel Malboeuf scholarship! Today, September 13, would have been Marcel’s birthday. Marcel was a member of Ottawa Local 279, a true unionist, and a friend to all—this award honours his lifelong commitment to the goals of worker democracy, social justice, equality, and peace.
On Saturday, September 7, members from local unions gathered in a Toronto union hall to attend the Canadian Labour Congress' first (of many!) election campaign trainings in preparation for the 2019 Federal Election. The theme: how to participate in an election campaign that wins for workers.
When he started as a TTC subway cleaner in 1986, John Di Nino could have never anticipated that he would one day be elected to the position of ATU Canada President. In his early days on the job, John was approached by a union steward. He was explained the role of the union and encouraged to get involved.