Election Day of Action!

This week, with days to go before the Federal Election on October 21, ATU members are out in their communities supporting candidates who support public transit. They are door knocking, literature dropping, and rider flyer-ing.

Elxn43 Day of Action

ATU Local 583 in Calgary

Advance polling data showed a massive turnout of Canadians over the Thanksgiving long weekend. Now, efforts are shifting from changing minds on particular issues to ensuring that targeted voters, in our case voters who value public transit, turn up to vote on election day!

Message from ATU International President John Costa:

"Canadians are proud to live in one of the most progressive nations in the world, where workers have access to national healthcare, a national pension, and broad labour protections.  These were not achieved without the hard work and sacrifice of trade unionists and activists who fought hard for a better life for all Canadians and their families. Yet there will always be those who have a vested interest in taking it all away. The best way to honour those who gave so much of themselves is for working Canadians to make their voices heard in the upcoming federal elections and reject the forces trying to take away the rights of working people, crush the labour movement, and gut public services."

Elxn43 Day of Action

Local 1724 in Vancouver

This election, it is essential for transit professionals and their families to vote, in order to have our voices heard in shaping the next federal government and political landscape.

As the strong national voice of transit workers in Canada, ATU Canada strives to work with pro-labour governments that promise to strengthen investments in public transit in Canada. We need allies in federal office who we can trust to protect labour protections that bring dignity to transit jobs. This election is an opportunity to support the party who will support our jobs and our futures.

Elxn43 Day of Action

ATU 1505 in Winnipeg

Moreover, public transit is a tool to tackle some of the most profound challenges in Canada right now, including the climate change and affordability crisis. Increased investment in nationalized public transit is a meaningful action to promote reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

ATU Canada’s vision for mobility and good jobs in Canada most closely aligns with the NDP platform. The NDP champions investments that will significantly change the landscape of public transit in Canada, including a commitment to dedicated operational funding, preserving good and green jobs in the transition to a carbonless economy, and the re-establishment of intercity bus service in Western Canada.

Message from ATU Canada President John Di Nino:

"I am urging all ATU members to vote and support NDP candidates. The NDP supports increased funding for transit which will help protect our jobs and increase our numbers. The NDP supports the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection legislation which will increase safety on the job. The NDP supports the Green New Deal with transit jobs at the centre of economic growth.  This will expand public transit and opportunities for transit workers, like you."

Elxn43 Day of Action

Local 1573 in Brampton

We encourage transit professionals to vote for candidates who will expand public transit for Canadians and opportunities for transit workers.  The NDP supports ATU members and crucial investments in public transit. We invite you to join us in supporting your local NDP candidate on October 21!

Elxn43 Day of Action

ATU Canada organizers in Toronto

All that's left to say is Get Out and VOTE!