2021 Winner of Marcel Malboeuf Scholarship: Julian Papasodaro

We are pleased to announce that Julian Papasodaro, whose parent is a member of ATU Local 1587, is the recepient of this year's Marcel Malboeuf Scholarship Award!

Julian will be attending the University of Toronto for Engineering Science. He has always been passionate about math, science, and their roles in advancing humanity’s technological capabilities and quality of life.

He is very eager to begin his studies and expand his understanding of the engineering process. He plans on specializing in either aerospace or robotics engineering, and making a direct impact in one of those sectors upon graduating.

The Marcel Malboeuf scholarship fund is awarded yearly on September 13, Marcel’s birthday. It will be awarded in the amount of $1000 to an ATU Canada member’s dependent who is enrolled in post-secondary education, and who exemplifies the highest standard in academic achievement, and demonstrates commitment and dedication in their community with the utmost leadership qualities.