Statement on Outbreak in Barrie Transit

Today, it was announced by Barrie Transit that an outbreak had occurred among its drivers. According to media reports, there have been five confirmed cases out of a total of between ten and twelve cases, the other cases have not yet been confirmed. 

The outbreak on Barrie Transit comes at a particularly difficult time when cases of COVID-19 are projected to be skyrocketing in May. An outbreak such as this, reminds us of the dangers of the workplace of frontline workers like transit operators and the need to get them prioritized for the vaccine immediately. Transit workers in ATU Local 1775 reached out to Barrie Transit in December 2020 to try and get transit workers prioritized but have yet to hear anything back. ATU Canada has also been continuing to push for vaccines from governments but with very little to no reply. 

Also of concern on Barrie Transit has been the lack of mask enforcement. Transit workers have been worried that outbreaks like this can and will continue unless the proper rules are enforced. Local governments must start to listen to transit workers or a critical service like public transit that many rely on will continue to suffer. 

ATU Canada would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the virus at ATU Local 1775 and wish them strength in this difficult time. 

John Di Nino, President

ATU Canada