2021 Holiday Message from ATU Canada President, John Di Nino

2021 has been another difficult year for our members and our union. We have continued to lose loved ones, declining ridership on our transit system and governments unwilling to do anything about it. Despite these difficulties however, you have continued to preserve and see some wins along the way.

From new members joining our union from across the country to the stunning victories we had in municipal elections this year, all our work is something we can be proud of. None of this would have been possible without the grassroots activism and unionism from ATU members and we will continue to bring that energy and that enthusiasm into 2022.

Personally, I have been inspired by the courage, professionalism, and commitment that transit workers have continued to show despite the difficult times we are all facing. It is your spirit and dedication that continues to make this work to serve you all so rewarding and worthwhile.

Sisters and Brothers, the months to come will not be easy but I am convinced that with our union’s strong sense of solidarity we will continue to persevere and come out stronger than we ever have before.

Wishing you health, peace, happiness and solidarity this holiday season,

John Di Nino

President, ATU Canada