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Provincial Legislation and Premiers can protect workers by providing: 1) Emergency funding for transit systems to offset increased costs and lost revenue. 2) Priority distribution of PPE to frontline transit system workers. 3) Job protection in the event of lay-offs as a result of COVID-19. 4) 100% paid sick leave. 5) Continue paying motor coach staff and school bus workers.
Dear Ministers, As COVID-19 continues to spread across Canada, our frontline workers in Public Transit have been forgotten and remain at risk – and they are worried. These workers have not been provided personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves – yet they continue to work – moving the general public, including essential workers in healthcare, emergency services, grocery, pharmacy and other deemed essential services. These employees have no way to protect themselves and have a right to protective masks and gloves, just like other public service workers.
The ATU International and ATU Canada are asking for the Cabinet Committee on the federal response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to stand with transit workers and provide the highest level possible of direct emergency funding to public transit agencies. This funding is essential to maintain strategic service levels that maximize social distancing and ensure transportation for essential workers, to purchase personal protective equipment for transit workers, and to protect their jobs and livelihoods throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
ATU COVID-19 Command and Response Hotlines! These hotlines serve as a place rank-and-file ATU members can get more information on the union’s response to COVID-19 and leave messages. If you have questions about your employer’s policies or are seeking assistance to deal with your employer on COVID-19 issues, please contact your Local Union’s Business Agent. Any messages will be followed up on by an ATU organizer or representative as soon as possible.
Dear Ministers, Thank you for your dedication during this public health emergency. I am the President of ATU Canada and on behalf of our 34,000 transit workers in this country I am writing to voice our priorities during the COVID-19 crisis. We want to maintain open dialogue with decision-makers and ensure frequent communication to best serve transit workers and the public. Here is an update on what ATU Canada is doing during this crisis.
TORONTO, MARCH 17—The President of Canada’s largest transit union is releasing a set of demands to weather the novel coronavirus crisis, including payroll subsidies for all transit agencies and contractors.
AIRDRIE, ALBERTA, MARCH 9-- A large majority of bus operators who drive in and out of the City of Airdrie voted to join the Amalgamated Transit Union. These bus drivers do the vital work of moving commuters to school, stores and to their jobs in Airdrie and Calgary.
TORONTO, MARCH 5-- ATU Canada, in conjunction with ATU International, release the following statement regarding COVID-19. *Please see the resources page for links that may be helpful:
ST. THOMAS, JANUARY 14—Employees at St. Thomas are the newest group to join the Amalgamated Transit Union. Bus operators in St. Thomas, Ontario voted on Tuesday afternoon to unionize with the ATU local 1415.
TORONTO, JANUARY 9-- The Canadian President of the largest transit union in the country is echoing the call for increased safety infrastructure in Thunder Bay, Ontario where a bus operator was brutally assaulted on Boxing Day during a fare dispute.