After Over a Year of Negotiations, Bus Operators in Airdrie Vote to Ratify Collective Agreement

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA  Transit workers in Airdrie voted to ratify their collective agreement yesterday with 75% support after over a year of negotiations. Airdrie transit workers joined the Amalgamated Transit Union last year after a successful organizing drive by ATU Local 987. 

The collective agreement is a big improvement in working conditions for new members in Airdrie. Among other things, the four-year contract with their employer, PW includes a 4% wage increase as of August 1st of this year, wage increase every year, better vacation time and better bereavement time. They also have a fair grievance procedure to deal with workplace disputes according to progressive discipline and just cause. 

“This is a win for workers today here in Airdrie.” Said Travis Oberg, President of ATU Local 987. “Negotiating a fair collective agreement during a global pandemic has certainly been a challenge but in the end, we were able to come out with a fair deal for members.” 

ATU 987 had been negotiating on and off during the COVID-19 pandemicDespite the difficulties howeverthey were able to successfully negotiate a collective agreement that works for everyone.  

This has been a difficult year for transit professionals across the country and we have seen working conditions for our members becoming more and more unsafe,” said Oberg, “so we are proud to be giving our members some good news and tell them that we are still here and fighting for you and getting results.” 


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