ATU Canada Calls on TTC Commission to Take Action and Fire Rick Leary Amidst Most Recent Support Line Blunder


TORONTO – ATU Canada is calling the recent failure around the TTC worker helpline after the fallout from the ransomware attack “a continuation of the mismanagement of the TTC and reflection of their carelessness and neglect when it comes to its workers.”

Earlier this week, it was announced that the data of 25,000 workers including many current and former ATU members, had been compromised. This included personal and employment information like their social insurance numbers. As a result, management had directed workers to call a support hotline.

However, yesterday, it was revealed by media that the number that TTC workers and pensioners needed to call for support after their data had been compromised was actually an “adult chat line.”

“The continued carelessness of TTC management when it comes to issues transit workers face is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing.” Said ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino. “This recent failure is yet another example of the sour relationship between management and local 113, this should not be happening to the people who kept and continue to keep Toronto moving throughout one of the most difficult times in the city’s history.”

This incident is one in a series of recent decisions by TTC management that has led to an antagonistic environment for not only workers but transit riders as well. These decisions include things like service cuts that have made busses more crowded and unsafe, the unwillingness of management to sit down with the local to discuss a mandatory vaccination policy that works for all members, the lack of enforcement when it comes to the mask mandate and last year’s near-catastrophic subway crash near Osgoode Station covered up TTC CEO Rick Leary.

“The TTC’s mismanagement has led to employee morale and labour relations being at an all-time low causing unnecessary difficulties for many on Toronto’s transit system, and it needs to end.” Said Di Nino. “We remain more resolute than ever in stressing that TTC commissioners take action and demand Leary to tender his resignation so that our workers can do their jobs keeping one of Canada’s biggest cities moving, without constantly worrying about a hostile work environment.”


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