ATU Canada President calls for immediate action from all levels of government, National Task Force amidst series of recent driver assaults


President of ATU Canada John Di Nino is calling on all three levels of government as well as transit agencies across Canada to take immediate action in taking every reasonable precaution to protect transit workers against assaults and violence.

In the last week, two transit operators employed at the Toronto Transit Commission were victims of stabbings. They are reportedly healing and in stable condition, but we continue to be concerned of the long-term effects, such as the psychological trauma, it could have.

“Thousands of assaults are reported annually in this country and thousands more go unreported, leaving transit workers vulnerable with little or no protections.” Said President Di Nino. “This is why once again we are calling for the immediate need and interventions of governments, employers and law makers to take action.”

Across Canada, there are more than 2000 reported assaults on drivers every year. Not only do they put dedicated drivers at risk but transit riders as well. More needs to be done so attacks like these cease taking place. 

ATU Canada has in the past called for many measures and actions to be taken place by government across this country like: implementations of reporting and tracking systems to identify the real number of assaults, de-escalation training, increased vigilance, recognition from employers that an assault is a critical injury and the court system to utilize Bill S-221 as a deterrent.

“The latest incident at the TTC reminds us of the major factor of assaults and that is fare disputes, which can be easily remedied in a fare free system for example.” Said Di Nino. “ATU Canada calls for and to be partner in a national task force to be implemented to address these issue and report back with recommendations for transit agencies to adopt.”


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