ATU Canada President Calls on TTC CEO to Resign Over Mishandling of Mandatory Vaccination Policies


The recent unrest at the TTC regarding CEO Leary’s confusing mandatory vaccination policies is of extreme concern to ATU Canada. This intentionally divisive approach has resulted in less than 50% of employees disclosing their vaccination status.

Clearly, Rick Leary has failed the organization’s needs and has failed to gain employee confidence in his leadership. The numbers do not lie and we are calling for him to step down as Chief Executive Officer of the TTC.

ATU Canada supports public health measures to increase vaccination rates as an essential means of protecting everyone’s health and safety and defeating the Covid pandemic. As such, vaccination policies must be delivered in consultation and partnership with ATU representing the workers themselves.

TTC workers have been on the front lines of this pandemic, delivering service to this city, while risking their personal safety from the beginning. They deserve the respect and gratitude of Toronto and their employer—not threats and intimidation. With this “get jabbed or get fired” policy, Rick Leary has lost the respect of the employees and should resign. He has failed to get the job done.

Our original statement on mandatory vaccination policies said that heavy-handed policies would be self-defeating and this is exactly what has transpired at the TTC. Senior TTC management, who oppose Rick Leary’s overbearing approach, have reached out to ATU Canada seeking assistance to help deliver the best results for transit workers and the public at large. We believe employers can educate, inform and encourage workers to participate in a vaccination policy without fear of reprisal, unpaid administrative leaves or loss of employment while respecting worker rights pursuant to reasonable accommodation.

John Di Nino, President

ATU Canada


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