Edmonton On-demand Transit Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Join ATU Canada

EDMONTON – ATU Canada is applauding the success of its Edmonton local, ATU 569 for winning an overwhelming success today, as 83% of on-demand workers employed with Pacific Western Transit voted to join the union.

Edmonton Transit Services shifted to a new on-demand service in April of 2021, many of these workers were employees of the City of Edmonton but jobs were eventually contracted out to Pacific Western. This led to the Edmonton local having to mount a massive campaign to certify the workers who have been stopped every step of the way.

One of their delay tactics included filing multiple charges against the union that forced the ballots from the initial vote to be impounded, thereby requiring a revote. Despite the company’s attempts at intimidation and months of delay, not to mention being forced to hold a revote, the workers have once again voted overwhelmingly for the Union.

“The work that the City contracted out has now come back home.” Said Steve Bradshaw, President of ATU Local 569. “To the veteran members of ATU 569: when you see any EOD Operators, please take a few seconds to bump fists with them and welcome them to our family.”

This is one in another of several strong victories for the Edmonton local. Last year after a long hard fight, the local managed to stop the contracting out of 100 cleaner jobs. The local union held rallies, did majority petitions, and mobilized over 1000 e-mails and 300 phone calls to Mayor and Council on the bus cleaner RFP. The win today is yet another example of the strength of the ATU.

“This is another great victory for our union and shows the growing strength of the ATU and the labour movement in the province of Alberta.” Said John Di Nino, President of ATU Canada. “We look forward to working with on-demand operators in Edmonton to improve conditions for both workers as well as transit riders.”


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