Holiday Message from ATU Canada President John Di Nino

It is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for transit professionals across Canada. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have faced declining ridership, the threat of massive service cuts, job losses and our livelihoods being at risk - yet you have persevered through it all. Your important work continues to move frontline workers and transit riders throughout our country so that they can, like you, continue to provide and access some of the critical services we need. 

Although this year has brought much difficulty for our union and our family members, we have also seen some important and significant wins like helping to secure billions for federal transit operational funding, rear-door entry and the installation of safety barriers. None of this would have been possible without grassroots activism from the ATU and our allies who fought hard to make sure that these issues were top of mind during this historic pandemic.

We have made the clear case for why all three levels of government must provide permanent operational funding for public transit and we will continue that fight and several others in the new year to come. 

Personally, I have been inspired by the courage, professionalism and commitment that transit workers have continued to show despite the difficult times we are all facing. It is your spirit and dedication that continues to make this work to serve you all so rewarding and worthwhile. 

Sisters and Brothers, the months to come will not be easy but I am convinced that with our union’s strong sense of solidarity we will continue to persevere and come out stronger than we ever have before. 

Wishing you health, peace, happiness and solidarity this holiday season,

John Di Nino

President, ATU Canada

For PDF Version of holiday message see below:

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