Milton Transit Drivers Vote to Join ATU Local 1572


MILTON – Drivers at Milton Transit voted Thursday, in an overwhelming 80% majority to join the ATU.

The ATU was contacted by a retired ATU member who said that his coworkers were demanding representation and protection from their private contractor Pacific Western Transit. Some of the key issues mentioned were unfair sign-ups, sick days, and lack of protection for on-demand and paratransit workers. 

President Jack Jackson and Vice President Joe Martins from local 1572 along with ATU Canada President John Di Nino held a mass meeting outdoors with a majority of drivers. After everyone reached a consensus that ATU was the proper fit for the drivers, a majority signed membership cards and the local filed for an election.

“The vote today from Milton Transit drivers shows an overwhelming vote of confidence for the ATU to fight for their rights at the bargaining table.” Said ATU Canada President, John Di Nino. “We look forward to ensuring that our new members have their key concerns addressed.

Milton Transit is operated by Pacific Western, Canada’s largest family-owned private transit provider. The ATU represents four bargaining units in three provinces—British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Milton is the fifth bargaining unit represented by the ATU. There is currently a union election for a PW Transit employee to join the ATU in Edmonton, Alberta.

“The next step for Milton Transit workers is to conduct contract surveys and develop a strong issues program to take into bargaining.” Said ATU 1572 President Jack Jackson. “This is going to be key in order to win better job security protections and effective representation.”


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