Statement on ATU 113 Injunction

ATU Canada is saddened and frustrated to learn that the TTC is continuing to refuse to collaborate with ATU Local 113 to ensure a successful vaccine mandate policy.

Other municipalities across the country like Brampton, Mississauga and Edmonton have navigated vaccine mandates without cutting services and creating a hostile environment for employees.

We have been advocating since the beginning of the pandemic, in co-operation with our locals to procure, promote and enable vaccinations for all transit workers. We want our locals and our members to resolve this important health and safety issue in a conciliatory manner with employers. In fact, several of our locals have done this.

When it has come to the TTC however, CEO Rick Leary and TTC management have made little to no effort to sit down with ATU 113 on this issue. This has resulted in the cutting of services, creating difficulties for the most marginalized residents across Toronto.

By filing an injunction the message from the local is clear: We need a management model that works with us not against us.

John Di Nino, President

ATU Canada

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