Transit Workers with ATU Canada Congratulate Bea Bruske, Siobhan Vipond, Lily Chang and Larry Rousseau on their election to the leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress

The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada wants to congratulate UFCW local 832 member Bea Bruske on her election to President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

“On behalf of 34,000 Canadian transit workers, we want to congratulate Bea Bruske. Bea was a guest at our 2020 ATU Canada Convention and we are thrilled to have supported her victory,” said President Di Nino.

Bea began her career in 1987 as a grocery store worker in Manitoba in 1987 and joined a picket line for 125 days against a grocery store chain. By 1994, she became a full-time union representative with her local. In 2011, Bea became secretary-treasurer of the largest private sector local union in Manitoba with 20,000 members.

ATU Canada wants also congratulate new secretary-treasurer Lily Chang—a social services case worker—from CUPE Local 79 in Toronto and VP-elect Siobhan Vipond – a stage and film technician— from IATSE and the current secretary-treasurer of the Alberta Federation of Labour. Larry Rousseau was also re-elected as Vice-President. 

“We are extremely proud to be part of the Canadian Labour Congress during this historic moment and transition to a new leadership,” said President Di Nino.“I am excited to develop an action plan to realize the goals of the CLC as laid out in the Good Jobs Agenda.”

The Amalgamated Transit Union Canada sits on the Canadian Council of the CLC and looks forward to working with affiliates in order to grow the power of organized labour in this country.

“There are 4.7 million workers in unions in Canada but there are 18.6 million workers in the Canadian economy. The ATU is looking forward to driving up union coverage by supporting the CLC in organizing the millions of unorganized workers. We stand ready to answer the call of the CLC on this front,” said Di Nino.” We are also looking forward to supporting the human rights agenda that will seek to end once and for all the many different types of oppression that workers face including gender and racial discrimination.”

ATU Canada is ready to work with the new leadership and the Canadian Council of the CLC and the affiliates to confront the exploitation seen in Canadian workplaces.

John Di Nino, President

ATU Canada