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SASKATOON-SK, April 23, 2024 – The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) are sounding the alarm bells once again as violence against transit workers escalates out of control. With assaults occurring almost daily, the silence from the City of Saskatoon transit administration is deafening. “Transit agencies just don’t care about frontline workers as it appears they believe that violence is an occupational hazard which is far from the truth,” says Darcy Pederson, President of ATU Local 615.
TORONTO-ON, April 23, 2024 – ATU Canada calls on Hamilton Mayor Andrea Horwath to do the right thing and vote against privatization of the proposed Hamilton LRT line. Hamilton City Council will be voting on April 24th to adopt a 10-year private public partnership agreement that will see transit operations and maintenance outsourced to a private contractor. HSR has operated the transit system for 150 years and ATU has maintained the transit system for 125 years.
ATU Canada proud to stand together with other Labour Unions endorsing Olivia Chow for Mayor of Toronto.
TORONTO, April 24, 2023 – ATU Canada is encouraged that the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) shares the same priorities as the ATU which they have outlined in their recent announcement today – calling for all levels of government to deliver on recommendations put forward in a document “Prioritizing Safety on Public Transit”. The full set of recommendations can be viewed here.
Don’t be fooled by what this Ontario Government is selling in this budget announcement. It’s all smoke and mirrors. What they announced may sound good to most people on the surface – but look a little closer you will understand that this budget does nothing for the people of Ontario who are struggling to survive and in need of some relief.
Violence on public transit properties across Canada is on the rise and we continue to see an alarming increase of unprovoked attacks against transit workers and more recently attacks against riders.
Toronto, ON - After a unified and strong four-day strike, ATU Local 1587-Toronto, ON, reached a strong tentative contract agreement with Metrolinx that addresses the Union’s safety concerns and contracting out issues.
TORONTO, ON – After ATU International and ATU Canada held a press conference at Queens Park to pressure Metrolinx to meet for negotiations immediately in hopes of ending the GO Transit strike, Metrolinx has agreed to meet with ATU Local 1587-Toronto, ON, to restart contract talks a day early, Thursday at 2 pm.
TORONTO, ON – Despite ATU Local 1587’s best efforts to negotiate an agreement to address safety issues and other concerns in the final 48 hours before the strike deadline, 2,200 GO Transit workers will be on strike starting at 12:01 a.m., Monday morning.
Toronto— After voting overwhelmingly to reject Metrolinx’s latest contract offer, 2,200 GO Transit workers, will go on strike this coming Monday, November 7 at 12:01 AM. The workers, members of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1587-Toronto, ON, voted by 81% against the offer and in favour of strike action.
Silver Spring, MD – The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), the largest transit union in North America, is standing with the Ontario education workers in their fight against attacks on their collective bargaining rights by Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government with legislation that would strip away their right to strike and impose poor working conditions on education workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).
TORONTO, October 31, 2022 – The Amalgamated Transit Union Canada (ATU CANADA) stands in solidarity with CUPE/OSBCU and its 55,000 workers in the fight for fair collective bargaining. Workers are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of inflation skyrockets and puts greater pressure on front-line workers to bear the burden of failed decisions that governments in Ontario are making.
KELOWNA, BC, September 29th – Frustrated by Kelowna Regional Transit System contractor First Transit Canada’s refusal to fix the city’s broken transit system and bargain in good faith, workers declared today a strike deadline of October 5th for a full work stoppage throughout the central Okanagan region.
HAMILTON, September 14, 2022 – John Di Nino, President of ATU Canada, is in Hamilton today to endorse Andrea Horwath for Mayor. “Andrea is a champion for working people. She understands what workers face every day, and she never stops fighting to make life better for them and their families.”
TORONTO, August 8, 2022 – Pushed to the brink by Metrolinx’s refusal to negotiate on critical issues, GO Transit bus operators, station attendants, plant and fleet maintenance workers, transit safety officers, and office professionals have voted overwhelmingly in favor of going on strike if necessary. A strong majority of the 2,200 members turned out to vote, and the final result approved a strike by 93%.
On May 31, 2022, at 1:00 am an incident occurred on a MiWay Bus in Mississauga, Ontario where a patron attempted to overtake the operation of a public transit vehicle. While the attempted hijacker wrestled with the female operator to take control of the bus, the operator fought him off and was able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop.
WEST VANCOUVER – Unbelievable! That’s the reaction from the union representing Blue Bus operators and mechanics after West Vancouver District filed an objection rejecting the BC Labour Relations Board appointing a mediator to assist stalled talks for a new contract. On Thursday, West Vancouver District’s lawyers filed an objection to the LRB’s appointment of a mediator – requested by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 134 after the union filed an unfair labour practice complaint against West Vancouver for refusing to meet its legal obligation to begin bargaining for a new collective agreement, which expires in 34 days.
ATU Canada and ATU 113 is holding a press conference this Wednesday to address the lack of action in regard to the national crisis of transit operator assaults. The transit union is calling on all three levels of government to come to the table to work with them on a National Framework to tackle assaults as well as things like: implementations of reporting and tracking systems to identify the real number of assaults, de-escalation training, increased vigilance, recognition from employers that an assault is a critical injury and the court system to utilize Bill S-221 as a deterrent.
OTTAWA - ATU Canada is encouraged by the announcement of $750 million in emergency transit funding made yesterday by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland but calls this a “band aid solution” and says more is needed for future funding crises likely to face public transit. The announcement came with two caveats; however, that provinces match the federal funding and that they work with cities more quickly to increase housing supply.
President of ATU Canada John Di Nino is calling on all three levels of government as well as transit agencies across Canada to take immediate action in taking every reasonable precaution to protect transit workers against assaults and violence.
EDMONTON – ATU Canada is applauding the success of its Edmonton local, ATU 569 for winning an overwhelming success today, as 83% of on-demand workers employed with Pacific Western Transit voted to join the union.
The ATU was proud to stand in solidarity today with several other union leaders from Ontario in signing on to a letter to demand that political representatives at Queen Park repeal the harmful Bill 124 that dangerously underfunds Ontario’s public sector.
OTTAWA – ATU Local 279, the Ottawa local of the Amalgamated Transit Union, representing over 3,000 transit workers in the City of Ottawa is calling on its employer OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa to better plan for Winter weather after the disastrous handling of the Winter storm earlier this week as the city was pummeled with close to 50 cm of snow.
TORONTO – ATU Canada is calling on Metrolinx to reverse its latest 15% service cut announced today, calling it “irresponsible, unacceptable and an affront to both transit workers and transit riders.”
TORONTO – ATU Canada announced today that they will contribute $10,000 towards the legal battle against the discriminatory Quebec piece of legislation, Bill 21, that prohibits people who work in certain jobs deemed to be positions of authority in the public sector to wear religious garb.
TORONTO – ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino is calling the Ford government’s dismissal of transit workers in the newly passed washroom access legislation a “callous and unacceptable move.”
OTTAWA – ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino, is voicing his frustration and disappointment with the federal government saying that the Throne Speech given this afternoon “completely leaves out transit workers and riders.” The federal government gave its Throne Speech Tuesday afternoon as Parliament resumed yesterday following the last federal election that took place earlier this Fall. Just like the federal budget announcement in April, there was no mention of additional transit funding for struggling transit agencies.
TORONTO – ATU Canada is calling the recent failure around the TTC worker helpline after the fallout from the ransomware attack “a continuation of the mismanagement of the TTC and reflection of their carelessness and neglect when it comes to its workers.” Earlier this week, it was announced that the data of 25,000 workers including many current and former ATU members, had been compromised. This included personal and employment information like their social insurance numbers. As a result, management had directed workers to call a support hotline.
OTTAWA – ATU 279, The local transit union in Ottawa that represents the city’s 3,000 transit workers, is calling the recent report from the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) very alarming and concerning saying that this is the result of the city’s continued use of public private partnerships that place profit ahead of safety.
ATU Canada is saddened and frustrated to learn that the TTC is continuing to refuse to collaborate with ATU Local 113 to ensure a successful vaccine mandate policy. Other municipalities across the country like Brampton, Mississauga and Edmonton have navigated vaccine mandates without cutting services and creating a hostile environment for employees.
The Amalgamated Transit Union has been advocating since the beginning of the pandemic, in co-operation with our locals to procure, promote and enable vaccinations for all transit workers. Instead of working with us on this, the TTC has resorted to policies that hurt not only workers but the public as well. Cutting necessary TTC services and trying to pit the public against employees is disingenuous and misleading. Exploiting the cover of a deadly pandemic to make cuts, while villainizing frontline workers is unconscionable. Our members have been working tirelessly to make sure that residents and essential workers are able to get to where they need to go. They deserve gratitude from the public and their employer.
TORONTO - ATU Canada is decrying the new washroom access mandate from the Ford government saying that it must include transit operators. Ford’s Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton announced this morning that the government is planning to introduce legislation that will make it the law for delivery workers to have access to washrooms at businesses where they are delivering or picking up items. The legislation would cover a large breadth of delivery workers and transport drivers including truck drivers, couriers, food delivery workers and Canada Post delivery employees but leaves out transit workers.

EDMONTON - ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino, is congratulating new Edmonton Mayor-Elect, former ATU 569 operator and executive member, Amarjeet Sohi on his resounding victory yeste

MILTON – Drivers at Milton Transit voted Thursday, in an overwhelming 80% majority to join the ATU. The ATU was contacted by a retired ATU member who said that his coworkers were demanding representation and protection from their private contractor Pacific Western Transit. Some of the key issues mentioned were unfair sign-ups, sick days, and lack of protection for on-demand and paratransit workers.

Yesterday, the Ford government gave its annual throne speech to outline its priorities for the coming year. Transit workers and transit riders were predictably all but left out of the speech.

As we reflect on our country’s first-ever National Truth and Reconciliation Day, ATU Canada stands in solidarity with all those who have faced the horrors of residential schools or who have lost children, relatives, or friends at the hands of these terrible institutions as well all those who faced the brunt of centuries of colonization in Canada.
The recent unrest at the TTC regarding CEO Leary’s confusing mandatory vaccination policies is of extreme concern to ATU Canada. This intentionally divisive approach has resulted in less than 50% of employees disclosing their vaccination status. Clearly, Rick Leary has failed the organization’s needs and has failed to gain employee confidence in his leadership. The numbers do not lie and we are calling for him to step down as Chief Executive Officer of the TTC.
We support public health measures to increase vaccination rates as an essential means of protecting Canadians’ health and safety and defeating the COVID-19 pandemic. This must be accomplished in a fair, reasonable, transparent, equitable fashion with full consultation and negotiation with unions. ATU Canada is concerned that many of our employers may develop vaccination policies that are needlessly heavy-handed and self-defeating or use higher vaccination rates as an excuse to roll back health and safety measures which are still necessary to protect our members and the public. As always, ATU Canada will continue to support its members on issues relating to COVID-19, including vaccination mandates, on a case by case basis.
TORONTO – John Di Nino, National President of ATU Canada and John Costa, ATU International President are encouraged by the recent announcement this morning of the New Democratic Party (NDP) platform and its several commitments to public transit. In the 115-page document, the NDP are pledging to: develop a public inter-city bus system, commit funding for zero emission vehicles with the goal of electrifying transit, improving rural transit conditions, making transit more affordable and putting in place a permanent, direct, allocation-based funding mechanism for modern public transit.

A grave report released yesterday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change, stressed the limited time we

EDMONTON — As Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna took turns re-announcing funding that already existed and touting ‘good union jobs’ on an Edmonton Transit platform, transit workers took over the stage with a banner of the faces of over 1500 transit workers in the ATU with the emblazoned words: “STOP CONTRACTING OUT OUR WORK” on a 4x12 foot banner.
In a quick, almost secret, midnight message, Liberal Infrastructure Minister McKenna and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson invited media to a transit infrastructure announcement today at 8:30.
OTTAWA - Approximately 35 workers who work on the Confederation Line are the newest members of Amalgamated Transit Union local 279 representing workers at OC Transpo, Paratranspo, the Royal Canadian Mint and Alstom. These workers are employees of Alstom Transport Canada and perform infrastructure maintenance and warehouse work on the Confederation line. This work includes guideway maintenance, power technicians, signalling and communications and other duties. They join their colleagues in vehicle maintenance who perform work on the LRT vehicles and are already unionized.
In recent weeks, the mass unmarked graves of Indigenous children who died at the hands of the violent residential school system that operated for over 100 years, have been found in Kamloops, Brandon, the Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan and most recently in St Eugen's Mission School in BC's Interior. The search for these graves has been something Indigenous communities have been demanding for a very a long time but is something that most Canadians may be coming to terms with for the first time.
Two London transit operators were assaulted late this morning after two totally unprovoked attacks. The first attack occurred when a driver was transitioning shifts from one bus to another. The assailant jumped up behind the operator and attacked him. The driver is currently in hospital.

The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada wants to congratulate UFCW local 832 member Bea Bruske on her election to President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

ATU Canada has signed on to a letter along with almost 50 other Canadian labour unions and union locals including the Ontario Federation of Labour, calling on the federal government to immediately suspend bilateral trade of all arms and related materials with the State of Israel.
ATU Canada’s National President, John Di Nino, is condemning Ontario Premier, Doug Ford’s attack on Canada’s labour unions. In an announcement made today by the provincial government, Ford said he intends to recall the legislature on Thursday to invoke the notwithstanding clause to pass legislation ruled unconstitutional by the Superior Court yesterday to restrict third-party spending laws outside of election periods. If invoked, this will be the first time any Ontario government has ever invoked the notwithstanding clause.
“As a union that represents transit workers from diverse backgrounds, I strongly and unequivocally condemn this hateful racially motivated act that has left a young child without a family.” Said National President John Di Nino. “No one should have to face such violence and hatred. An injury to one is an injury to us all.”
Today, it was announced by Greyhound that it would be cancelling it services permanently, leaving Canadians across the country without intercity bus services and more than 300 transit workers without jobs. Greyhound had previously announced earlier in 2020 that they would be suspending their services nation-wide. Along with the lack of funding from the Trudeau government for intercity transit, the final nail in the coffin was legislation from the Ontario provincial government, specifically Bill 213 that led to the total deregulation of the Motor Coach Industry.
Transit workers in Airdrie voted to ratify their collective agreement yesterday with 75% support after over a year of negotiations. Airdrie transit workers joined the Amalgamated Transit Union last year after a successful organizing drive by ATU Local 987.
I would first like to thank the members of ATU Canada for putting their confidence in me for a second three year term. It has been my honour to serve you through these difficult and trying times. I am honoured to continue to be serving you once again. It is the strength and perseverance of our membership that has gotten me through this and will continue to see our union through this global pandemic. As President, I will continue to fight for the things that matter like priority access to voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations for transit workers, permanent operational funding for transit agencies, and fighting attempts at privatization of our public transit system.
ATU Canada extends its solidarity and support with the over 1,100 dockworkers at the Port of Montreal who are scheduled to go on strike this morning. Their local union, CUPE Local 375, gave their 72-hour strike notice to their employer, the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) last week after the employer opted to lengthen their work shifts by almost two hours from five hours and twenty minutes to seven hours without negotiation or notice. In addition to this, dockworkers have been without an employment contract since 2018. On Sunday morning, the Minister of Labour, Filomena Tassi announced that the federal government would attempt to force dockworkers back to work through federal legislation saying that all options had been exhausted.
ATU Canada is holding a press conference this Thursday to announce escalated action amidst continued government silence over prioritization of transit workers for voluntary vaccinations and a growing number of outbreaks of COVID-19 at transit agencies. Since as early as last year, ATU Canada has been demanding that the Ontario provincial government and governments across the country prioritize transit workers but have been met with little to no response.
ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino expressed his disappointment and frustration with the most recent federal budget that he says missed an important and historic opportunity to save public transit agencies currently in crisis across the country. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, transit agencies have faced huge losses in revenue due to a drop in ridership.

Today, it was announced by Barrie Transit that an outbreak had occurred among its drivers.

This afternoon, Premier Ford announced that the province of Ontario was set to go into another state of emergency, effective at midnight.

Last week, the United Conservative Party introduced Bill 56: the Local Measures Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 into the house. This bill will negatively impact municipalities in Alberta.
Thursday, March 18th is Transit Worker Appreciation Day. This year is especially important to recognize the difficult job that transit workers have had to do as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Canadian President of the Amalgamated Transit Union says that the “flexible+” labour policy reforms that Silicon Valley is pushing across the provinces will take workers back 100 years.
John Di Nino, the National President of ATU Canada, which represents over 35,000 workers across Canada, 1200 of which are in the City of Brampton, is calling on public officials at all levels of government to take action and provide transit workers with the protections they need to be able to do their jobs safely.
As today marks International Women’s Day, we want to recognize the important contribution that women have made to our union and the labour movement as well as recognizing the deep connection that this day has with workers around the world.
As a result of poor investment decisions by OMERS executives, OMERS saw a net loss of 2.7% on their investment returns falling far short of their yearly goal, making this their worst year since the 2008 financial crisis. In the report, they blame their losses on the COVID-19 pandemic and country-wide lockdowns but OMERS has a long history of mismanaging workers pensions well before the pandemic began.
ATU Canada expresses solidarity with millions of workers protesting in India against a brutal legislation proposal that would deregulate the Indian farming industry and bring untold suffering on to their livelihoods of farmers.
OTTAWA - ATU Canada, Canada’s largest transit union, expressed their disappointment this morning with the so-called historic announcement from the federal government. Although almost $15 billion was announced for public transit funding over the next eight years, none of it is dedicated operational funding.
On Wednesday morning, ATU Canada was made aware that two of its members of Hamilton ATU local 107 were terminated by the City of Hamilton because of their ongoing medical condition. Although the employee’s doctors recommended alternate work, the City of Hamilton decided to terminate their employees.
Three weeks ago on the 9th of January, when your government made an announcement to extend emergency child care to front line workers. We were very disappointed to see that transit workers were once again not included in the updated list. Upon hearing of the announcement, we sent out a press release and made a public demand that transit workers be included but were met with no response from your government. We are surprised and disappointed to see transit workers not making the list.
The Amalgamated Transit Union signaled their support this morning FOR the Alberta Federation of Labour’s (AFL) proposed legal challenge against the Kenney government’s plan to take control of public sector pensions. AFL President Gil McGowan announced Monday that the AFL, on behalf of several other unions, would be taking the government to court over a ministerial order, imposed under Bill 22, that gives the finance minister power to intervene and dictate how investment management services are provided.
This afternoon, Premier Ford announced that the province of Ontario was set to go into another lockdown along with a stay-at-home order, effective Thursday, January 14th. While we support more measures to try and keep Ontarians safe, this latest announcement once again falls short of protecting transit professionals and their families.
ATU Canada National President, John Di Nino is angered by Education Minister Stephen Lecce’s statement earlier today. While the government says they are extending childcare benefits, they failed to include transit workers, who have provided a critical service during the pandemic.
It is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for transit professionals across Canada. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have faced declining ridership, the threat of massive service cuts, job losses and our livelihoods being at risk - yet you have persevered through it all. Your important work continues to move frontline workers and transit riders throughout our country so that they can, like you, continue to provide and access some of the critical services we need.
President of the Amalgamated Transit Union in Canada, John Di Nino, is calling upon the federal and provincial governments to give priority vaccine access to transit workers as the first batches of the COVID-19 vaccines start to be doled out today in Canada. Transit professionals are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to the COVID-19 virus as a result of their interaction with millions of riders per day. The high volume of interaction has led to more than 3500 ATU transit workers being infected in both Canada and the US.
TORONTO - The federal government gave its Fall Economic Update on Monday, which among other things reiterated its commitment to providing permanent public transit funding, in partnership with the provinces and territories. Though this is a welcome and promising commitment, says the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), there is no concrete indication that the government will continue to provide ongoing operational funding for years to come.

The Amalgamated Transit Union is deeply saddened to hear about the horrific bus accident that took place in Calgary, Alberta on November 26th.

TORONTO August 17, 2020—Amalgamated Transit Union Canada, President, John Di Nino is calling out the Liberal Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for refusing to accept the province’s share of federal funding for transit operations as part of the Safe Restart Agreement.
TORONTO August 10, 2020—Amalgamated Transit Union Canada, President John Di Nino is calling out New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs for misleading New Brunswickers about the Federal Government’s funding program that could help struggling transit operations recover from devastating financial losses due to COVID-19.
TORONTO July 29, 2020—Amalgamated Transit Union Canada, President, John Di Nino is calling out New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs and Minister of Transportation, Bill Oliver for refusing to accept and match federal funding to help struggling transit agencies recover from the financial impact of COVID-19.
TORONTO July 27, 2020—Amalgamated Transit Union Canada, President, John Di Nino applauds the Ford Government in Ontario for their successful negotiations with all levels of government to achieve a historic transit funding agreement.
TORONTO July 16, 2020—The Canadian President of the Amalgamated Transit Union, John Di Nino is encouraged by the federal announcement of funding for transit operations as part of the post-pandemic recovery effort. Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement of operating funding for public transit from the federal and provincial governments can be attributed to a bottom-up push from the working class.
TORONTO June 25, 2020—ATU Canada is calling out Transport Minister, Marc Garneau for failing to respond to the financial crisis faced by intercity transit companies. Canadian President John Di Nino is also calling out Greyhound Canada for an injustice to frontline workers – where they gave workers an ultimatum: either agree to a 15% wage reduction and give up their pension plan – or face a permanent shut down.
Prime Minister Trudeau's June 1st announcement to help municipalities is not new money – and it falls short of the $5 billion in emergency funding that ATU Canada has been calling for.
Probe Research surveyed the country to learn the views of the general public, including transit riders. The results provide a clear consensus – 78% of Canadians surveyed support the Federal Government providing $5 billion in emergency funding for public transit services. Also, an astounding 91% agree that governments have a responsibility to ensure people everywhere can access safe, reliable, and affordable public transit.
TORONTO April 22, 2020—Canada’s largest transit union is demanding that the Trudeau government explain why the Trump administration is doing more for public transit than Canada. “Public transit is in crisis and the Trudeau government is watching it fall apart,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “The government is ignoring that transit systems are moving a million people a day. Many of them are front-line workers. It’s time Justin Trudeau explained to them why Donald Trump is supporting transit more than he is. They deserve better and transit workers who face danger every day deserve better.”
Toronto, April 18, 2020—The President of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 and the Canadian President of the ATU, John Di Nino, are calling on Toronto Public Health to send a mobile health unit to the Queensway division to test every worker who was in contact with the 4 individuals who have tested positive and the 4 individuals who now have symptoms.
Toronto, April 13, 2020—Bus drivers in St. Thomas are blowing the whistle on unsafe work on the local transit system. On Sunday April 12, union officials with ATU local 1415 conducted an audit on cleaning checklists which are used to confirm buses have been properly disinfected prior to being redeployed.
Silver Spring, MD April 14, 2020 — “More than 300 of the transit agencies where our members work have failed to implement critical changes needed to keep their workers and riders safe, even as a second wave of this deadly virus sweeps across the continent,” wrote ATU International President John Costa in a letter to all 600 transit properties where ATU members work. “
TORONTO March 31, 2020—Transit workers have not been provided personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves – yet they continue to work – moving the general public including essential workers in healthcare, emergency services, grocery, pharmacy and other deemed essential services.
TORONTO March 27, 2020—John Di Nino, President of Amalgamated Transit Union, Canada (ATU Canada) released the following statement regarding today’s news and comments made by the City of Windsor’s Mayor, Drew Dilkens.
TORONTO, MARCH 17—The President of Canada’s largest transit union is releasing a set of demands to weather the novel coronavirus crisis, including payroll subsidies for all transit agencies and contractors.
AIRDRIE, ALBERTA, MARCH 9-- A large majority of bus operators who drive in and out of the City of Airdrie voted to join the Amalgamated Transit Union. These bus drivers do the vital work of moving commuters to school, stores and to their jobs in Airdrie and Calgary.
TORONTO, MARCH 5-- ATU Canada, in conjunction with ATU International, release the following statement regarding COVID-19. *Please see the resources page for links that may be helpful:
ST. THOMAS, JANUARY 14—Employees at St. Thomas are the newest group to join the Amalgamated Transit Union. Bus operators in St. Thomas, Ontario voted on Tuesday afternoon to unionize with the ATU local 1415.
TORONTO, JANUARY 9-- The Canadian President of the largest transit union in the country is echoing the call for increased safety infrastructure in Thunder Bay, Ontario where a bus operator was brutally assaulted on Boxing Day during a fare dispute.
LETHBRIDGE, NOVEMBER 27—The president of the Lethbridge transit union is sending a strong message to City Council over their decision to divest the city’s school bus division.
WINNIPEG, OCTOBER 31- On the first anniversary of the shutdown of Greyhound Canada services in Western Canada, ATU Canada is calling on the federal government to come forward with a renewed and vibrant vision for intercity public transit. John Di Nino, President ATU Canada, launched the national campaign today in Winnipeg, with support from ATU President John Costa.
TORONTO, OCTOBER 29— The Amalgamated Transit Union Canada says the 2019 budget in Alberta throws transit projects into turmoil. “By breaking their promises to maintain transit infrastructure spending, the Alberta government led by Jason Kenney has created chaos,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “The party platform said they would maintain the existing plans on major transit projects, but once elected the UCP revoked that pledge.”
OCTOBER 23, TORONTO, ON-- The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada (ATU) sees a huge window of opportunity with the newly elected Liberal Minority government. “The outcome of the 2019 Federal Election presents a great opportunity for transit professionals in the ATU to advance important national priorities,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “A Liberal Minority government means they have to work together with other parties on an issue-by-issue basis. In order to achieve the very best for the public transit community, we need to shift gears and build on our strengths through solidarity and political action.

HAMILTON, JULY 10, 2019 -- ATU Canada President John Di Nino is calling for reform after a vicious assault on a GO Transit bus operator in Hamilton.

TORONTO, JUNE 4, 2019—The Getting Ontario Moving Act was passed in the Ontario legislature today and the President of the Amalgamated Transit Union says

December 1st, 2020

ATU Canada has made submissions to the Standing Committee on General Government advocating for the removal of Schedule 16 and 24 from Bill 213, the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, 2020.

TORONTO May 12, 2020—Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the Federal Government has granted billions of dollars in aid to ensure individuals and businesses survive the financial impacts of the crisis. The government has even bailed out non-essential industries, including Air Canada; yet, they have ignored the transit industry’s repeated calls for emergency relief.

TORONTO May 12, 2020—Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the Federal Government has granted billions of dollars in aid to ensure individuals and businesses survive the financial impacts of the crisis. The government has even bailed out non-essential industries, including Air Canada; yet, they have ignored the transit industry’s repeated calls for emergency relief.

ATU Canada is responding to the recent announcement regarding the nation-wide shut down of Greyhound, stating that the Canadian government is responsible for the collapse of intercity buses in Canada, not the COVID-19 virus. Although the intercity bus service is a federally-regulated industry, the government has given the industry the cold shoulder during the pandemic. ATU Canada President, John Di Nino is calling out Liberals for their failure to act definitively to save the service.

April 13, 2020

A safety audit conducted by bus operators show that cleaning audits have not been authorized by a supervisor’s signature since March 18th.